tara a lee



finch therapeutics // illustration work

Designed illustrations and item schematics for the microbiome company’s Sample Collection Kit.

Finch schematics-02.png
Finch schematics-01.png


the affairs nyc // illustration + logo

For a recently launched event series called The Affairs NYC, the team wanted a logo capturing the chic atmosphere of the event's classical music showcases. 

Working simple flowers and leaves into a simple letter "a," I filled in the remaining positive space with musical symbols and notes to highlight the central component of each of these Manhattan affairs — music. 

the affairs logo v4-01.png


benchling // illustration work

Illustrations for Benchling, a life sciences software company.

Visually depicted are the company's product suite, including the electronic lab notebook, molecular biology tools, and bioregistry system. 

Mol Bio-01-01.png


spilling the beans // logo + branding

Logo, business card, and graphics work for Spilling the Beans, a Boston based food blog focused on restaurant reviews and food photography. 

Spilling the Beans Business Card (back)
Spilling the Beans Business Card (front)
Spilling the Beans Cover Photo


scientific figures // illustration work

Scientific figures for my biological engineering classes at MIT. 

The signaling cascade was designed during Analysis of Biomolecular and Cellular Systems, in which we modeled a synthetic T cell to release pulses of perforin in response to stimuli. 

The microscope schematics were designed during Instrumentation and Measurement in Biological Systems, and the DNA engineering figures were designed during Biological Engineering Design.



miscellaneous // illustration work

Do you get it? It's a beaver in a panda costume.